Here you can find an archive of the various posts on the blog

February 2016

– What Election Manifestos Say About Drug Policy
– TG4 Documentary About Colorado’s Cannabis Industry
– Spent Convictions Law Finally Passed

January 2016

– Where Do Election Candidates Stand On Decriminalisation?
– USI Advocate Drug Policy Reform In Election Manifesto
– Garda Photos Spark Public Backlash

October 2015

Justice Committee Issues Recommendations On Drug Policy
– Where Next For Irish Drug Policy?
– Activists Speak Before Government Committee
Pictures Of A Hemp Field In Wicklow
– Meeting With Ana Liffey Drugs Project And CityWide

September 2015:

– Quote About Irish Rebels And Hemp
– Will Ming Stand In Mayo In The Upcoming Elections?
– Fundraising For Cannabis Treatment In America For An Irish Child With Rare Epilepsy
– 93% Of Drugs Seized Between 2010 And 2014 Have Yet To Be Destroyed
– Drugs Policy Discussion With Richard Branson, Aodhán Ó Ríordáin and Fr. Peter McVerry

August 2015:

– Almost 190,000 Drug Arrests Between 2004 – 2014
– The ‘Help Not Harm’ Campaign
– Gardai Not Planning To Turn ‘Blind Eye’ To Cannabis

July 2015:

The Amount Of Cannabis Seized By Gardaí In 2014
– Eanna Ó Cochláin – 12 Years For 0.3g Of Cannabis
Synthetic Cannabis And The Dangers It Poses
– Oireachtas Committee Issues Report On Portuguese Drug Policy
The Results From A National Students Drug Survey
Government Asks For Public Submissions On Drug Policy

June 2015:

– 673kg Of Cannabis Seized By Revenue In 2014
– Upcoming ‘Support. Don’t Punish.’ Events Nationwide
– What The Global Drugs Survey Says About Ireland
– What Can Ireland Learn From Portugal’s Drug Policy?

May 2015:

– A Look At Ireland’s New Drugs Minister

March 2015:

– European Commission Responds To Ming On Cannabis Legalisation
– Healthcare Firm To Lobby Government Over Medicinal Cannabis
– SSDP Ireland Announce Second Annual Conference Details
– The Fallout From Temporary Legal Drugs Debacle
– Some Drugs Are Legal Today (Well Kinda)
– Regulated Cannabis Revenue Potential
– NUIG Cannabis Referendum Passes With 68% Yes Vote

February 2015:

– Richie and Howard Marks – The Tandem Boys (Guest Blog)
– Howard Marks and I
– NUI Galway Students To Vote On Cannabis Legalisation
– Meeting With Ming

January 2015:

– Assessing Public Opinion On Cannabis Legalisation
– The Darker Side To Some Irish Growhouses
– The Curse Of The Fifty Bag
– George Sigerson – Advocating Irish Hemp in 1866
– Growing Hemp In Irish Bogs To Fight Napoleon Bonaparte
– Remembering John McCarthy

December 2014:

– Remembering Aodhrua Fitzgerald
– Sniffer Dog Stella Strikes Again
– Cannabis Protest Clips
– Gardai Involvement In The Drug Trade
– Joan Burton And The Giant Spliff
– 1997: Cannabis Goes Mainstream

November 2014:

– 50 Years Of Drug Arrests In Ireland
– What The Politicians Said About Cannabis In 2011
– Timeline Of Drug Policy And Activism In Ireland
– Marc And Jodie Emery’s Visit To Ireland


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