The Irish Cannabis Blog is back after quite a hiatus. In 2010 I began blogging on cannabis issues, contacting politicians contesting the elections, and helped to promote the events we were organising and much more via the blog.

I hope to use this blog for something similar again.

Alongside original articles looking at the scene you will also find a weekly news round up, along with a regularly updated media section featuring clips and audio and much more as we expand.

The Articles page acts as an archive of my blog posts. Here you can find articles responding to breaking news and current affairs, but also historical themed ones. You should learn quite a bit within a few short reads.

The News page features archived posts where news items relating to activism, busts, court appearances, media commentary and much more are found.

Visit the Get Active page if you wish to learn how get involved with groups working to reform drug laws in Ireland, or who offer services of some type to drug users.

The Images and Videos section have some pictures, documentaries, protest clips, interviews and other artifacts for you to learn more.

The Links sections features a number of sites and shops that we recommend you visit.

It must be noted that the activist scene is massive now in comparison to when the original blog was launched. There is now a nationwide activist network, predominately organised by SSDP Ireland which was established in 2011.

Meanwhile NORML Ireland was launched in 2013.

What a marvelous few years it has been and long may it last!

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