TG4 Documentary About Colorado’s Cannabis Industry


During the week an insightful documentary about cannabis legalisation in Colorado aired on TG4. The programme is called ‘Colorado Green’ and is part of the Fíorscéal series.

Fíorscéal is the Irish word for true story. The program is in Irish but has English subtitles. Personally I found watching a programme about cannabis in Irish only added to the charm.

Cannabis was legalised for recreational purposes on November 6th 2012, but the law didn’t come into effect until January 1st 2014. Colorado had legalised cannabis for medical purposes in November 2000.

A number of individuals are interviewed such as consumers, growers, retailers, doctors and others. The programme provides great insight into the whole process involved from seed to shop. You see how every plant is monitored from seed to harvest, and the kind of packaging it ends up in.

There are plenty of mouth watering bud shots also, which is always a plus.

You can watch it back here. However you’ve only 33 days to do so.

Kudos to TG4 for airing such a documentary. The show in my opinion was well balanced and provided lots of valuable information. Hopefully some of the viewers were left with a better impression of legalisation.


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