Weekly Roundup: July 12th

Hello and welcome to the weekly roundup where each Sunday we look back at some of the news items making the headlines over the past seven days.

On Monday it was reported that a confidential prison helpline has been launched to combat illegal trafficking of drugs and weapons

On Wednesday it was reported that there are concerns over a head shop drug called ‘Clockwork Orange’

On Thursday an Oireachtas Committee was told  two young people died in Monaghan as a result of taking syntethic cannabinoids

On Thursday it was reported that Cork man Eanna Ó Cochláin is appealing to Irish people for help to overturn his drug charge in the Philippines

On Friday it emerged that chemicals in tobacco may help trigger serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia

On Friday it was reported that kids as young as 13 are using ‘legal highs’

On Saturday it was reported that a man charged in connection with a cannabis seizure in Limerick has been further remanded until next week

On Saturday it was reported a 27 year old man avoided prison after he was convicted of a cannabis charge while under a suspended sentence

On Saturday it was reported that the ban on so-called ‘legal highs’ is working, according to one of the country’s leading child and adolescent psychiatrists, but that “spikes” in usage are to be expected


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