Weekly Roundup: June 21st

Hello and welcome to the weekly roundup where each Sunday we look back at some of the news items making the headlines over the past seven days.


On Monday it was reported that addiction specialist Dr. Garrett McGovern has welcomed the apppoinment of Aodhan O’Riordan as Minister for Drug Strategy

On Monday it emerged that a man was jailed after he agreed to transport over €220,000 worth of cannabis to pay off debt to criminal

On Tuesday it emerged that a restaurateur jailed for importing cannabis worth €79,000 has moved to appeal his conviction in the Court of Appeal

On Tuesday it was reported that a ‘Love/Hate’ actor pleaded guilty to having cannabis worth €2,500

On Thursday it was reported that illegal prescription medicines worth €430,000 have been seized in Ireland as part of a global operation across 115 countries

On Thursday it emerged that the owner of a chip-shop was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment after he transported almost 1kg of cannabis to repay a debt he owed

On Thursday it was reported that a young mother caught with €39,000 of cannabis walked free from court after a judge said she was “vulnerable” and had been lead by her co-accused

On Friday it emerged that a kitchen porter who bought nearly €1,000 worth of cannabis for himself and his friends was “under stress” at the time, a court heard

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