Weekly Roundup: April 5th

Hello and welcome to the weekly roundup where each Sunday we look back at some of the news items making the headlines over the past seven days.

On Monday Dr. James Linden of Greenlight appeared on Newstalk talking about medical cannabis in Ireland. I wrote a blog post about James’s company recently which can be read here

On Monday it was reported that five neighbours caught with various drugs are to be given a chance to avoid a conviction if they come up with donations for charity

On Wednesday the Irish Examiner ran a piece looking at the pro’s and con’s of legalising cannabis as outlined by Senator James Heffernan and Dr Chris Luke

On Wednesday an opinion piece by Ciaran from NUIG SSDP appeared in the Galway Independent arguing that it is time to legalise cannabis

On Thursday a letter to the editor by Peter Reynolds from CLEAR UK appeared in the Irish Examiner in response to the article which appeared on Wednesday

On Friday it emerged that Gardaí seized almost €500,000 worth of cannabis herb after a major operation 

On Friday it was reported that a Crimestoppers freephone number has been used to provide information on numerous activities including cannabis related offences

On Saturday it was reported a 26 year old had his case for cultivating cannabis adjourned until next week

On Saturday it emerged that a bench warrant was issued for the arrest of a man charged with cultivating €8,000 worth of cannabis after he failed to appear before court

On Sunday an article entitled “High time for cannabis cures” appeared in the Sunday Independent looking at medicinal cannabis



SSDP Ireland held their second annual conference, sadly I couldn’t attend due to unforeseen circumstances but you can see some pictures from the day here

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