Weekly Roundup: March 22nd

Hello and welcome to the weekly roundup where each Sunday we look back at some of the news items making the headlines over the past seven days.

On Monday it emerged that the state has had to drop €2.5m ecstasy possession case after last week’s legalisation

On Monday an opinion piece by Una Mullaly in the Irish Times argued that nobody asied from criminals benefit from drug prohibition

On Monday it emerged that three drug cases in Galway had been struck out due to the recent legal fiasco around some drugs

On Monday it was reported that people with bipolar disorder may experience an increase in their symptoms if they use cannabis

On Tuesday it was reported that a man caught with cannabis which his father used for a medical condition was convicted of a drugs supply charge for what his solicitor described as the most technical of technical supply offences

On Tuesday it was reported that the naval service is to use drones in the fight against international drug smugglers and illegal fishing

On Thursday the Irish Times also ran a piece looking at the man behind Silk Road and how he was caught

On Thursday the Irish Times had a report on the Darknet and its use by those purchasing drugs and more

Also on Thursday it was reported by Newstalk that the disapperance of dark web drug market caused a mini Bitcoin crash

On Thursday it emerged that a man has been jailed for cannabis possession after €2.5m ecstasy charges were dropped (See Monday story)

On Thursday a special report by the Irish Examiner looked at Ireland’s relationship with prescription drugs

On Saturday it emerged that GreenLight Health, a medical cannabis research and development firm, based in Dublin, are hoping to spark interest in a fundraising campaign to lobby the government on medicinal cannabis 

On Saturday it was reported that a man who said he was growing cannabis plants for his own medicinal purposes has been spared jail

On Saturday it emerged that a man caught with a joint agreed to donate €750 for the charge to be struck out

On Saturday it was reported that a solicitor’s appeal for leniency for a father-of-five caught with 19 cannabis plants has been rejected by a district court judge

On Saturday it emerged that a Dublin based firm behind Greenlight Oil is to lobby the government over medicinal cannabis products


SSDP Ireland announced it is holding its 2nd national conference in Dublin on April 2nd


One article this week looks at this years SSDP Ireland national conference and looks back at the first one which took place last year


The other article posted this week looked at the Dublin based firm which aims to fundraise to hold medical trials for its cannabis product and which plans to lobby the government 

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