SSDP Ireland Announce Second Annual Conference Details

Students For Sensible Drug Policy Ireland recently announced the date for their second annual national conference.

The event takes place on Thursday April 2nd at 5pm in the Helix, which is located on Dublin City University (DCU) campus.

The speakers announced so far are:

Garda whistleblower John Wilson who has highlighted the need to reform our drug laws.

Senator James Heffernan who recently spoke out on the need to legalise and regulate drugs in Ireland.

Marcus Keane from the Ana Liffey project which is one of Dublin’s organisations which works directly with drug users.

Grace Dyas who is an activist, theatre director and a writer. Her most recent work ‘Heroin’ went on a critically acclaimed nationwide tour.

Councillor Karl Gill who is a People Before Profit Alliance representative for the Dun Laoghaire area whose party believes in reforming drug laws.

Dr. Sean Evans and Dr. Mark Griffinboth of whom are medical doctors.

The list of speakers may grow over the coming days and you can visit Irish Cannabis News to keep updated.

I asked Daniel Kirby who is the Auditor of DCU SSDP for a statement on SSDP Ireland’s newest society and the upcoming conference.

“Leaving control of the drugs trade in the hands of criminal gangs is madness of the highest order. Anyone who looks at the facts logically can come to no conclusion except that the war on drugs has failed.The only realistic option is to follow a route of legalisation and regulation.

At SSDP we want to promote an atmosphere where people can freely discuss the risks, facts, falsehoods and issues surrounding drug use. And furthermore, I personally feel that it is extremely condescending for any government to imply that some people are too stupid to know what substances they can and can not put into their own bodies. Prohibition does not prevent drug use. It just means drug use is unregulated.

At our conference in The Helix on April 2nd we will have a varied panel of speakers; doctors, senators, playwrights and activists and they all want to talk about how our current policies on drugs are not working. Everyone knows this, but no one in power wants to address it. Our goal is to let them know that they have to address it.”

Last years conference took place in Galway and saw around 50 attendees.

Speaking last year were Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan TD. Tom Llyod a former Chief Constable from the UK.  Criminologist Dr Paul O’Mahony. Harm reduction researcher Tim Bingham. Activist Mark Fitzsimions who is a medical cannabis user and former European Election candidate.

There was also a documentary screening and other items on the schedule last year

Below is the schedule from last years conference

Last year's schedule
Last Year’s Schedule

I didn’t attend last year but I hope to attend this year and bring you my perspective in the days following it. I would also urge readers of the blog to attend if possible.

Aside from the conference being an educational one it is also a fantastic networking opportunity. Alongside meeting the speakers it allows an opportunity to meet fellow activists from across the country.

I hope to see you on April 2nd!

Visit SSDP Ireland to get involved with one of the nationwide chapters or to establish your own.

Click here to visit the Facebook event page for the conference


Picture From Last Year’s Conference


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