Weekly Roundup: March 15th

Government Press Statement



Hello and welcome to the weekly roundup where each Sunday we look back at some of the news items making the headlines over the past seven days.

On Monday it was reported that a man who grew cannabis in an attic for medicinal soup has been jailed

On Monday it emerged that a man lost his appeal against conviction for possession of €1.9m worth of cannabis

On Tuesday over 100 drugs were legalised following a court ruling which found the law that had banned them was unconstitutional

On Wednesday it was reported that an ex-army officer was jailed for possession of 20 kilos of cannabis

On Wednesday it emerged that two Vietnamese men were freed after cannabis arrest after they had been trafficked into Ireland

On Wednesday it was reported that a chronic gambler caught with €117,912 worth of cannabis herb was jailed for five years

On Thursday it emerged that two men have been jailed for their roles in the importation of nearly €5 million worth of cannabis

On Thursday it was reported that teenagers who smoke a lot of cannabis may suffer brain damage

On Thursday it emerged a man had been arrested following the discovery of a grow house in Dublin

On Saturday it emerged that a Tralee man has been jailed for a year for growing cannabis in his home

On Saturday it was reported that Mark Fitzsimons, a blind medicinal cannabis user and former election candidate, will hear the outcome of his case later this month



There were two articles posted this week. Both had to do with the court ruling which led to some drugs being legal for two days. The first post looked at the story as it unfolded while the second article looked at the fallout from the affair

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