Weekly Roundup: February 1st 2015

Hello and welcome to the weekly roundup where each Sunday we look back at some of the news items making the headlines over the past seven days.

On Monday it was reported that 36% of Irish people believe cannabis should be legalised, despite  almost 90% saying they never or rarely smoke the drug, according to an opinion poll

On Tuesday it was reported that a grandmother’s life has been made hell after she was wrongly labelled as a drug dealer by the shadowy ‘Anti Drug Movement’

On Wednesday the Lord Mayor of Dublin claimed that things are ‘Worse now than the heroin epidemic of the 80s’

On Wednesday it emerged that a man in court had been arrested while looking for his cannabis, after admitting to garda what he was doing when they approached him

On Wednesday it was reported that the DDP has been warned to get moving on a case involving a growhouse in Longford

On Thursday it was reported that judgment has been reserved in a drug case appeal for possession of €1.9 million worth of cannabis

On Thursday it was reported that a pensioner who claimed seven cannabis plants in his attic were to treat back pain has been given a two-and-a-half year suspended sentence

On Thursday it emegered that a 21 year old received a two year sentence, with 18 months suspended, for the cultivation of 22 cannabis plants

On Saturday it was reported that a man who was found to be growing three small cannabis plants has been told he may do community service

On Saturday it emerged that a Wexford man was convicted and fined €150 for having €25 worth of cannabis in his possession

On Saturday it was reported a man who pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis worth €1,256 escaped jail after being ordered to do 150 hour community service instead

Also on Saturday potentially worrying news emerged that in parts of the country cannabis is apparently being sprayed with Speed (Amphetamines) 

On Sunday it was reported that Gardai are now to be subject to mandatory drug testing



This week I posted two articles. One which looked at the darker side to cannabis cultivation in Ireland and another which looked at Irish public opinion on legalising cannabis


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