Stella Strikes Again


Sniffer dog Stella hit the headlines again during the week for her role in the capturing of €840,000 worth of cannabis at the mail centre in Portloaise.

In April of this year Stella sniffed out  €120,000 worth of cannabis, again at the mail centre in Portlaoise.

The dog lover in me can’t help but think ‘what a cute dog’ and what an amazing ability its been trained to have. However the cannabis enthusiast in me can’t help but think ‘bold dog’.

Although in light of what looks like poor cannabis, or as one commentator on Irish Cannabis News described it “camel testicles” one might commend Stella for ridding our streets of poor quality smoke.


Just leave the nice stuff through. Good dog.

Stella is not the only well known sniffer dog in Ireland, there is also Ollie, Holly, Ralph and Garby who have been credited with busts in recent years.

Ollie sniffed out €60,000 worth of cocaine resulting in the arrest of two men at Shannon airport.

Just over a year ago Holly sniffed out 15 kilos of cannabis at Dublin port.

In August of last year Ralph sniffed out €1.5 million of heroin at Rosslare port.

In October of this year Garby was accredited with capturing €23,000 in cash at Dublin Airport.

Apparently so frustrated have some become with the drug nabbing antics of sniffer dogs that there has been a contract put on some of their heads.

Notably in 2007 when a contract was put on Rocky, a sniffer dog in Limerick prison.

Some have argued we should legalise drugs and put Stella and friends out of the job. However legalisation may not see her unemployed, she might be busier in fact, if people started shipping out from Ireland, or were sending more domestically.

Plus I am sure many tokers would give Stella a home, given her special ability. Especially if there was a drought happening.



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