Weekly Roundup: December 14th 2014

Joan’s Joint

Hello and welcome to the weekly roundup where each Sunday we look back at some of the news items making the headlines over the past seven days.

On Monday, the Tanaiste and Labour leader Joan Burton accidentally posed with a giant spliff at an art event in Farmleigh.

On Wednesday it was reported that children as young as 15 are being recruited into organised criminal gangs and are involved in drug dealing.

On Wednesday it was reported that a Chinese man was jailed for a €1.6m cannabis find in Inishowen.

On Thursday it was reported that Independent TD Mick Wallace has claimed there is gardai involvement in the drug trade.

On Thursday, Stuart Clark, the Deputy Editor of Hot Press magazine spoke to Sean Moncrieff about the Global Drug Survey which he is writing about in this month’s edition.

On Friday it was reported that €100,000 worth of cannabis herb was seized in Dublin.

On Friday it was reported that three men caught cultivating cannabis avoided jail, after a judge accepted that their roles had been at the lower end of the scale of criminality.

Also on Friday it was reported that a Chinese man who acted as a gardener at a cannabis growhouse in Dublin has been sentenced to eight years in prison, with the final four years suspended.

On Friday it was reported a man in Galway has been sentenced to four years in prison with the final three suspended for having almost €10,000 worth of cannabis.

Yesterday it was reported that a man accused of operating a growhouse was sent forward for trial at the next sittings of Wexford Circuit Court.

Yesterday it was also reported that two houses were targeted by Dundalk’s Gardai drug unit in unrelated raids during the week.


This week I posted two articles, one was in response to Joan Burton and the giant spliff, while the other post was on gardai involvement in the drugs trade.


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