Joan And The Giant Spliff

Joan's Joint
Joan’s Joint

It was no James and The Giant Peach but yesterday we had a quite surreal story involving the Tanaiste Joan Burton and a giant spliff.

Upon first viewing I thought it was a humorous but crudely photo shopped image. However as clarified with their sub headline “Yes, this happened” it indeed turned out to be Joan Burton posing with a giant spliff.

A quick double-check confirmed I wasn’t on Waterford Whipsers News either.

The Tanaiste herself seemed unaware as to what the exhibit was and according to some reports was looking into both ends as if it was a telescope. Thus the term “spliffascope” was quick to enter the lexicon yesterday.

One might have assumed she knows what a joint is, as she has in the past spoken about cannabis use, saying she would only favour medicinal use.

Although to be fair she has admitted she has never experimented with cannabis, but still, surely she must have thought to herself what an odd looking telescope.

As it often does Waterford Whispers News gave its own beautiful spin on the event by jokingly suggesting Joan Burton was visiting the Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan museum in Roscommon. (see the image below)

It might be no Roald Dahl tale but this story could live on in the memory of a few, certainly within the cannabis community, much like Ming sending joints to the dail has become part of political folklore.

Interestingly given both her personal and parties low opinion poll figures, and a poll that suggested close to 40% of adults favour cannabis law reform perhaps she could have gotten a slight bounce in the polls had she come out with sentiment that promised cannabis policy change.

Of course it was never going to, and it may never happen, but there are probably much worse things she could do politically at the moment.

However even the promise of legalised cannabis might not be enough to stop the turbulent general elections ahead for Labour.

She may even need a toke or two after them.

Ming Museum
Ming Museum

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