Weekly Roundup November 30th 2014

Picture from €4.5 million cannabis haul earlier in week. Photograph: Revenue Commissioners/PA Wire.

Hello and welcome to the weekly roundup where each Sunday we look back at the relevant news from the past seven days.

On Tuesday it was reported that a father of nine was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment after gardaí found €3,000 worth of cannabis at his home.

On Wednesday it was reported that a massive haul of cannabis worth €4.5 million was captured. About 200kg of the drug was stashed in tins of olives that arrived from Spain.

Also on Wednesday it was reported two men lost their appeal against their 10 year jail term for possession of €1.2 million of cannabis 

Meanwhile Hotpress magazine on Wednesday ran a story about the Global Drug Survey which was recently launched. 

On Thursday it was reported that there was a cannabis bust worth €60,000 in East Cork

On Friday according to reports a woman saw her jail sentence for a cannabis conviction reduced

Also on Friday around €47,000 worth of cannabis stored in a bin bag was caught

Elsewhere on Friday it was reported that a a man was convicted of storing cannabis in order to get his cannabis for free.

It was also reported on Friday that 1 in 10 fatal road accidents involves drugs

Also on Friday it was reported a man out on temporary release was sent back to jail after being caught with €28,000 of cannabis

It was reported on Friday that 14 men were due in court in connection with the sale and supply of drugs in Drogheda

On Saturday two men were reported to have been found guility of obstructing Garda during a search


In case you missed my posts from earlier in the week here’s what happened. On Tuesday I posted a timeline of drug policy and activism in Ireland

On Friday I posted an article which looked back at what the politicians had to say in 2011 about cannabis.

While on Saturday I posted an article looking at 50 years of drug arrests in Ireland.

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