Weekly Roundup November 23rd 2014

Welcome to the first weekly roundup where each Sunday you can read all the relevant news from the past seven days.

On Monday it was reported that under a new law gardaí will soon be able to use handheld devices to test drivers for drugs. The Medical Bureau of Road Safety is in the process of buying the devices, which are expected to be in use by the end of 2015.

Another report from Monday was that a man accused of cannabis possession avoided jail for assisting gardaí in his own case.

On Tuesday there was an opinion piece on Entertainment.ie which asked Should Ireland consider cannabis legalisation

On Wednesday it was reported that a man who claimed he had found over €20,000 worth of cannabis on a back wall at his home has been given a three-year suspended sentence

Also on Wednesday TheJournal.ie ran an article by Dr. Adam Winstock, the founder of Global Drug Survey. In the article he argues that for alcohol we have guidelines on its use aimed at reducing the long-term risk of health harms. So why not have guidelines for drugs he asks.

On Friday it was reported a Lithuanian man in Longford has been sent forward for trial in relation to the discovery of a growhouse in July of this year.

Yesterday there were two stories relating to fines for small amounts of cannabis. It was reported that in Kerry a man had to pay a fine worth €500 for €10 of cannabis. Elsewhere it was reported that a woman was fined €200 for passing a joint to her partner

It was also reported on Saturday that two men were involved in a €10,000 cannabis bust in Cork.

Also in the global and Irish media this week was the news that Bob Marley is to become the face of a cannabis brand setup by his family. The company will offer “heirloom Jamaican cannabis strains” inspired by those the renowned performer enjoyed.


On the activism front this past week SSDP CIT member Martin attend the 2014 Hot Topics Conference in Liverpool where he meet Dr. Carl Hart. You can see a picture here

In other news, on Saturday SSDP CIT hosted a workshop on the use of performance enhancing drugs on the campus with Tim Bingham of INEF. You can learn more about the event here

If we’ve missed any news items please leave a comment below

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