Marc And Jodie Emery’s Visit To Ireland

The Canadian activists Marc Emery and Jodie Emery were recently in Ireland as part of a European tour following his release from prison.

Renowned activist Marc Emery spent five years in a US jail for selling cannabis seeds. You can learn more about his arrest and release from prison in this Rabble article

Marc Emery and Jodie Emery were joined by the influential Dr. Joao Goulao for a series of talks organised by SSDP Ireland

Dr. Joao Goulao helped shaped the current Portuguese drugs model which shifted the focus from jailing drug users to helping them.

Since the shift in policy Portugal has seen many positive outcomes. These include a reduction in HIV and deaths linked to drugs, and also a fall in drug consumption rates generally.

There were articles on and Hotpress  promoting the various events organised during the visit of the Emery’s and Dr. Joao Goulao.

Below is a collection of clips featuring Marc and Jodie from their visit here.

There is also an old clip featuring Irish TV personality Hector from when he (and TG4) visited the Emery’s Cannabis Culture store in Canada.

Credit to Agus Anois Productions for producing these videos, apart from the interview with Marc Emery which was shot by Kevin O’Neill inside the Get Up and Grow store.

Credit to TG4 for the Hector clip.

Marc and Jodie Emery Q+A with SSDP Ireland:

Marc Emery in Trinity College:

Marc Emery in Twisted Pepper:

Jodie Emery in Twisted Pepper:

Marc Emery interview by Kevin O’Neill:

Hector visiting Cannabis Culture HQ and meeting Jodie Emery

Were you at any of the shows? If so let us know in the comments below about what you thought.


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